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Want to share your story?

A Human Library event will take place on September 17th at the Vanier Library. Organizers are seeking ‘human books’ to tell their stories. The Human Library aims to inform, break stereotypes, eliminate prejudice, and challenge assumptions by giving library users the opportunity to chat with the real person behind the label.

At the Human Library, instead of books there are people. Readers are invited to ‘borrow’ a person (a ‘human book’) and have a conversation. Human books are a diverse group of people who have faced unique life experiences or who, for various reasons, have often faced prejudice or been stereotyped. At the Human Library, the reader has the opportunity to investigate his/her own prejudices by getting to know the people behind the labels.

On the day of the Human Library, readers will meet with human books for half an hour in the library – a safe and welcoming environment – and take the opportunity to listen, ask questions, and share experiences.

The Human Library originated in Denmark in 2000 when a Danish non-governmental youth organization called Stop the Violence held the first Human Library at a summer festival. There were 75 human books available at this event. Human Libraries have been held in over 25 countries.

This Human Library event at the Vanier Library is brought to you by the Concordia Multi-faith Chaplaincy and the Dean of Students Office in collaboration with the Concordia University Libraries.

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The Library is organizing a special Homecoming event to be held at the Loyola Chapel (7141 Sherbrooke St. West, on the Loyola Campus) on Monday, September 19th and are seeking students from Fine Arts to participate.

The Libraries have received a donation of 16 beautiful livres d’artistes that were produced in Montreal from the 1960s to the 1980s. They hope to celebrate this special donation by allowing people to come and see the books in the Loyola Chapel, but instead of putting them in glass cases, they would like to have 6-8 Concordia Fine Arts students each choose one book that appeals to them, and be that book’s guardian for the evening of September 19th, and enter into conversation with guests who come to see the books. No formal presentation needed: simply be there to talk to interested visitors about the book.

The time commitment would be as follows. You would need to come visit the Vanier Library sometime before September to choose “your book”. Then, you would need to save September 19th from around 4-8 pm in your calendar so you could come to the Loyola Chapel, stand or sit with the book, and discuss it with Homecoming guests, other students, and people from the community. The event won’t be 4 hours long, but you would want to come a bit early for setup. Refreshments will be served at the event. It will be a 5 à 7 style event.

Since this is a Homecoming event, it will be promoted and many people will be invited. It will be a great opportunity for the community to simultaneously learn more about the kinds of artwork and studies that Concordia students are involved in.

Just to pique your curiosity, here are the books in the collection. They are all very fine editions with unique bindings and artwork. They were printed in small numbers and sold to art and book collectors.

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